Prime Flix was started in 2013 by Edward Witt and produced about 23 episodes in it’s first season featuring a menagerie of different hosts. Unfortunately, because of a complicated series of events including attacking pirates, enemy ninjas, and an angry swarm of bees 55 of the next episodes were lost to the ages. Eventually, in January of 2015 Prime Flix made it’s triumphant return with a new format (a weekly semi-improvised discussion of two streaming media properties – one on Netflix and one on Amazon Prime) and a permanent co-host named Dean, who may or may not have been on previous episodes (this point is highly contested). Below you can find more about our hosts and operation.

The Hosts:


Ed has 29+ years of movie and television watching experience. He is able to speak and has spare time, so is well-qualified for podcasting. In addition, he has 4 years of experience as editor-and-chief of the Stuff Smart People Like Podcast where he is also a regular contributing panel member. He has no formal training in falconry.

As if that weren’t enough he also has an extensive collection of bobbleheads and occasionally draws silly pictures and posts them online at his website: kant or wont.

He has known Dean for more years than he cares to admit.

Dean is a professionally trained actor and performer who has yet to fill out his profile for this website.






Prime Flix studios is located in Chicago Illinois along beautiful Lakeshore drive. Below is a photo.

The Studio

Sound Engineer:

picTim is the Prime Flix sound engineer. He has a Bachelor’s degree of Applied Science in Sound Design from Ex’pression College. Before beginning with Prime Flix, Tim interned as the sound Engineer for Crazy Partyz Karaoke and cut his teeth by DJing at his cousin Derrick’s Bar Mitzvah.