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Betas (2013) and Alphas (2011) – Prime Flix Podcast


Betas Alphas Amazon Prime Netflix

This week’s episode gets off to a bangin’ start with a short lesson on Greece including their alphabet and other quaint things like Greek “money”. Then the discussion turns to Ed and Dean’s general lack of interest in computer science in college.

Betas stars a bunch of kids you’ve never heard of and John Daly. It also stars one of the kids from The Nanny at least we think to, we never looked it up. Betas is a show about a bunch of fresh-faced kids trying to make it in the tech industry. We agreed that it’s a lot like Silicon Valley but that we wouldn’t spend the whole time talking about Silicon Valley. We then proceeded to talk entirely about Silicon Valley.

Alphas, despite it’s name, is not a reality show about former college jocks. Well, sort of. I mean it does have one jock, but they also have a guy who’s pretty far along the on spectrum, a hot woman with self-esteem issues, an angry black policeman, and a hot woman with no self-esteem issues who has a lot of friends with really expensive cars. Oh, and they have superpowers. I probably should have led with that. Actually Alphas is sort of like CSI if instead of relying on non-existent science and ridiculously unbelievable powers of intuition to solve crimes, they instead use a bunch of ridiculously unbelievable superpowers.

Betas is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Alphas is currently available for streaming on both Amazon Prime and Netflix.