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Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) and I’m Still Here (2010) – Prime Flix Podcast

Exit through the gift shop, I'm still here

It’s documentary week, though “documentary” is entirely false for one of our picks and downright questionable for the other. In any case, the tension is palpable as Dean announces his retirement from podcasting. Ed diligently forges on carrying his co-host emeritus with him. So grow your beard and don your sunglasses, it’s time to go all hoaxy on this thing.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is perhaps a documentary and perhaps an artistic construct meant to be some sort of statement. Either way famous street artist Bansky directs. Half of the film features the history of the street art movement of the last few decades. The other half is the story of Mr. Brainwash, a Banksy acquantance, who becomes an overnight success, much to the chagrin of his contemporaries… or is he? Speculation abounds!

I’m Still Here is a mockumentary. Remember that time Joaquin Phoenix went crazy on Letterman? Well even if you don’t, it’s the climax of this Casey Affleck directed “hoax”. Edits are few and far between as Affleck strings together footage from Phoenix’s transition from acting to hip-hop. Can’t say whether the public was fooled, but paying to see this movie may have been the biggest joke these two Academy Award nominees pulled.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is currently available for streaming on Netflix and I’m Still Here is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.