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Hook (1991) and Jumanji (1995) – Prime Flix Podcast


robin williams jumanji hook

Another entry in the Does It Hold Up? category. What ties this week’s films together? Well you guess, we wouldn’t want to be Robin you of a sporting chance by just coming out and saying it! That would be bad form. Alright we’ll tell you: it’s bad parenting. On this week’s episode, Ed and Dean discuss two different orphan flicks: Hook (1991) and Jumanji (1995).

Hook is an Robin Williams driven, epic adventure from the director of other family-friendly classics such as Jaws and Saving Private Ryan. Starring a cast of millions (in dollars that is), the picture serves as a sequel of sorts to the lauded Peter Pan stories. Highlights from the discussion include: baseball is inexplicably important and Tinkerbell and Peter’s relationship is confusing. With terrific performances from Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman) as the titular Hook and Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts) as the aforementioned fairy, it’s a superb mash-up.

Jumanji is the story of a board game which has a tendency to ruin not only a single afternoon, but also Bonnie Hunt’s entire life. This one stars Robin Williams (oh hey, that’s coincidental!) as the adult version of a child who’s been living inside the game for 26 years. With some probably impressive-for-its-day CGI, Williams, Hunt, a young Kirsten Dunst and another kid try to survive the game’s mystic maleficence. Will they complete the game? Will the CGI disappoint? Will the rhyming scheme be consistent? And most importantly, will it hold up?! So many questions, a few of which may even be answered!

Hook and Jumanji are currently available for streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.