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Scrotal Recall (2014) and Catastrophe (2015) – Prime Flix Podcast

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It’s been a while since the show’s gone across the pond, so this week Ed and Dean set sail for the old world and touch down in Heathrow. What will they find? Will there be a variety of dialects? Will they once more get food poisoning from mushrooms (an unrelated earlier incident)? And most importantly will the shows tickle the funny bone of these two average Americans? Take a listen find out!

Scrotal Recall is a new import presented by Netflix. Featuring a cast of hundreds of people from Great Britain, its a show about three of those people in particular. It goes like this: the blonde, boring roommate has a minor STD (STI?) and needs to contact all of his previous partners to let them know. Meanwhile we get to relive how he and his friends, the dark-haired, cool guy and the sarcastic, pretty girl, are involved in each encounter. It’s a dash of My Name is Earl and pinch of The New Girl. If you’re looking for a bit of potential, you can find it here.

Catastrophe is set again in England, but it stars an American fellow and an Irish gal in a genre-busting rom-com. Together, the two fall madly in pregnancy. Rob (Rob Delaney) opens a UK office and moves in with Sharon (Sharon Horgan). They go about trying to get to know one another while experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy and Rob’s lack of friends. It’s a good show, but oh what charm! No hyperbole, the charm in this series could fill an entire box of cereal – and that’s not a joke about it being from the Ireland/UK area, it’s a joke about leprechaun cereal. Taste this show, it’s delicious.

Scrotal Recall (2014) is currently available for streaming on Netflix and Catastrophe (2015) is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.