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Snowpiercer (2014) and Equilibrium (2002) (Rebroadcast) – Prime Flix Podcast

snowpiercer and equilibrium

Listener, the Age of Ultron appears to be upon us. In tribute we rebroadcast (or repodcast) an Avenger ep, starring everyone’s favorite Torch turned Captain. Please enjoy, once again, and we’ll be back next week with a fresh pair of streams!

As this week’s episode takes a walk on the dystopian side, Ed and Dean talk about the mash-ups of Batman vs Boromir and Captain America vs the White Queen. Turns out you can be in a big franchise and a smaller sci-if one-off.

Equilibrium stars Batman (Christian Bale) as an unfeeling, feeling hunter who suddenly becomes a feeling feeler who is himself hunted by Taye Diggs (a surprisingly feeling unfeeler). It’s a strange, interesting exploration of how to stick a bunch of science fiction tropes into a single film. Is it a riot? Join us as we find out.

Snowpiercer stars Captain America (Chris Evans) soldiering on through a long winter. Sound familiar? It’s not. We follow the highs an lows of a journey from the caboose to the engine, as Cap does his best to downplay his leadership while leading a rag tag band of back-car-dwellers in revolution. Plot holes be damed, this is what a train full of postapocalyptic survivors should be — full of Coors!

Equilibrium is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Snowpiercer is currently available for streaming on Netflix.