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Strange Days (1995) and Under the Skin (2014) – Prime Flix Podcast


strange days and under the skin

All is not what it seems. All it not what it seems. For instance, this might seem like a good podcast. But is it really?

Under the Skin (2014) is a film about Scarlett Johansson’s road trip through Europe in a windowless van. Apparently she subsidizes the trip by leading men into a strange health spa. Fantastic accents were had by all.

Strange Days (1995) is a film where the Red Dragon (Ralph Fiennes) is dealing experiences through “Getting Wired” while also pining for the Other Sister (Juliette Lewis) who long ago left him to shack up with the Guy of Gisborne (Michael Wincott). And, like he usually does, the Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) is behind the scenes pulling the strings. If none of that makes any sense to you, it’s probably because you didn’t see the movie. So, you know, get on that…

Under the Skin is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Strange Days is currently available for streaming on Netflix.