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Total Recall (1990) and The Fifth Element (1997) – Prime Flix Podcast


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The future is weighing on Dean’s mind and Ed just needs a pool. That’s the start of the first episode of the fourth season of the podcast. But these days, folks crave those simple days of the 1990’s, so for the aforementioned first episode of the fourth season of the podcast, Ed and Dean take a dive into the future of the past. Yet another in the long running series, “Does it… hold up?”, it’s Total Recall (1990) and The Fifth Element (1997).

Total Recall is a terrifying view of Mars, from on Mars. That’s right, humanity has reached the red planet, but apparently only use it to keep the lower class low. Luckily, Arnold (Schwarzenegger) is here – or is he? Well, he is, but only if he is who he thinks he is, which may not be who he is at all. Featuring deformed, mutant rebels, automated Johnnycabs, and a select handful of one-liners, this is one of film history’s favorite Philip K. Dick adaptations.

The Fifth Element takes a slightly different view of the future. In a universe where odd Egyptian mythology is the key to humanity’s survival, only John McClane (Die Hard) and Resident Evil (Milla Jovovich) can save it. It’s a story that’s almost as good as it is long and supports the careers of not only Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) but also Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm) and that guy from Rush Hour (Rush Hour), so hard to go wrong. So don your heat bandages, grab a glass of your favorite element, The future is here, and it’s only a fresh clone who can save it.

Total Recall is currently available for streaming on Netflix and The Fifth Element is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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