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Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and Adventureland (2009) – Prime Flix Podcast

wet hot american summer adventureland

Ah, summer nostalgia. It’s been a summer of cool temps and even cooler heads, but that all ends here. While the temperatures begin to finally rise, Ed and Dean harken back to those summers of the 80s, you know the ones they can’t remember. Fear not, this week’s selections are filled with all the high-waisted, shaggy-haired fun we can only assume pervaded the entire decade. It’s Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and Adventureland (2009).

Wet Hot American Summer is a fond look back on the summer camps of our youth, or it would be if it weren’t a parody. This weird little film twists and turns all wild, young summer cliches into a bug juice so delicious, you’d think you were right back on that rope course – only funnier. The film has a lot to be excited about, but chief among them may be the stellar (Stella) cast. You’ve got Poehler, Cooper, Garofalo, Pierce, Black, Rudd, Shannon, Marino, Lo Truglio, Meloni, et al. It’s a true Petri dish of comedy, about to plum into the bacterium we love so dearly today.

Adventureland takes a more grounded view of that wild summer. The Facebook guy (Jesse Eisenberg) earnestly portrays a recent college grad who must work a summer at a carnival-style theme park. Along the way he meets a gang of rag-tag Games clerks and learns a few life lessons from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds). Oh and he’s chasing a girl (Kristen Stewart); they always chase a girl. It’s a roller coaster of a summer and quite familiar, but not cliche. Also, Bill Hader, who is awesome.

Wet Hot American Summer is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Adventureland is currently available for streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.